Direct Drive Presses

DD18HD – DD20HD – DD23HD
Direct Drive Presses

These reliable hard-working Etching Presses have been used in Universities, TAFE Colleges, Schools and by Artists for many years. Solid steel side frames, thick walled rollers and ground steel bed make these presses virtually indestructible. Simple to set up with easy pressure adjustment, can be used for all intaglio processes and relief printing.

    All models have:

  • 16mm thick steel beds – surface ground.
  • Bed over-travel safety strap.
  • Top roller diameter of 114mm ( 4.5 in)
  • Bottom roller diameter of 88mm (3.5 in)
  • 12mm thick steel one-piece side plates. Spring loaded top roller.


DD18HD Direct Drive Press 18HD $3634.15
Bed size: 458 x 950 mm (18 x 37″).

DD20HD Direct Drive Press 20HD $3931.90
Bed size: 508 x 950 mm (20 x 37″).

DD23HD Direct Drive Press 23HD $4252.20
Bed size: 584 x 1000mm (23 x 40″).

18/20/23S Direct Drive Press Stand 18 – 20 – 23HD $387.50
Made from 40mm angle steel – welded to provide a stable base for the above presses. Presses can otherwise be bolted to any weight bearing and level surface.

C4 Castors for Direct Drive Press Stand 0ptional $335.50
4 x fully locking heavy duty castors (Additional to stand cost or upgrade existing stand)